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Bad meetings are an epidemic that slowly undermines the effectiveness of organizations. While almost everyone will acknowledge that there is “room for improvement” in the efficacy of their meetings, few recognize the enormous cumulative cost of wasting time in poorly framed, unproductive conversations.

Stop Meeting Like This is as much a movement as it is a set of tools, practices, and capabilities to help leaders reset the norm for how their organization uses its time.

Imagine if we told you we could double your workforce without adding any cost… Our work with a major multinational corporation has demonstrated that improving meeting effectiveness by a mere 10% is equivalent to adding 45 FTE.

Food For Thought

Hate Meetings? Ask These 4 Questions To Decide If An Invite Is Worth Your Time

If you’re like most employees, you probably spend most your workday in meetings, leaving you little or no time to get actual work done.

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Are you about to have a crappy meeting?

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Invest Now To Get A Better Return On Next Year’s 2000 Hours Of Work

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